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Women’s Health & Fertility

“Emily is hands down amazing! I have battled PCOS for 14 years now. Emily helped get my hormones in check to get pregnant. My husband and I had to use fertility drugs/procedure to get pregnant with our first. We decided that not going back on birth control was our best option to getting pregnant in the future. After pregnancy my hormones were messed up where I was having really long cycles. I struggled with painful ovulation and at times ovarian cysts. I went to Emily to help with my cycles. While seeing her my husband and I decided we’d like to get pregnant again. Emily took the time to research what was going on with my body. She (not my obgyn) was the one who suggested I get some blood work done where we found out I have low progesterone which therefore I wouldn’t be able to sustain a pregnancy. After telling my obgyn my results they put me on progesterone. The herbs that Emily gave me shortened my cycles, helped with any progesterone symptoms and made me more fertile. I could tell they were working and plus the pain level during ovulation went way down. After just a few short months I took a test the other day and turns out I am pregnant! I will continue to see Emily during my pregnancy. She is the only one that took so much time with me to get pregnant NATURALLY. We loved our fertility dr that we used for our first but we spent a lot of money and the synthetic hormones were hard on my body.  I am looking forward to continuing to go to Emily throughout my pregnancy to help relieve any common symptoms and prepare for a smooth delivery.”

– Tricia

“I sought help from Emily before starting my second cycle of IVF and noticed a difference in how I felt after the very first treatment of acupuncture. Despite the multiple medications and injections I took on a daily basis, my body’s response to stress was tremendous. Emily did treatments at my doctor’s office before, during, and after my embryo transfer, and 4 days later I found out I was pregnant with TWINS! I continued with treatments throughout my first trimester and Emily was a huge source of information on proper nutrition for me and my babies. Emily took the time to ask questions, listen to my thoughts and feelings, and provide valuable feedback about my concerns. She’s passionate about what she does, and I am so grateful to her for the part she played in helping me become a mommy.”

– Lindsey

“I visited Emily for infertility problems. The treatments were great and she gave me more information and advice that all of the doctors I have seen. She walked me through the whole process, clearly explained everything and was very considerate with our needs and possibilities. The most important thing for me was that she spent a lot of time in every single session to talk about all of our options and to answer all of my questions.”

– Susan

“I found Emily 2 months before I attempted IVF for the first time. We discussed nutrition, vitamins and acupuncture treatments that would help prepare me for the IVF cycle. Emily also attended my embryo transfer and gave me a treatment before and after. It was great to have someone there with me that I trusted and helped to calm me down during a very stressful time. The first IVF treatment was successful and we are having our baby in June! I continue to see Emily now during my pregnancy and the treatments have helped keep me energized. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone considering IVF.”

– Kelly


“Effective treatments, noticeable results. I decided to try acupuncture treatments for some pain from nagging running injuries and to help with stress management when all other approaches for both issues were ineffective. I have been very pleased with the results. Emily is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Whether it is about nutrition or acupuncture…I learn something new every time I visit. If you are dealing with an old injury, a new one, stress or other health issues, I would highly recommend you visit Emily at A Point of Health.”

– Sam

“Emily is fantastic! Both my husband and I have noticed a marked improvement in our health and well-being after regular treatments with Emily. Virtually no aches and pains. Not to mention the knowledge and education Emily provides in order to better help you understand overcoming health challenges. I recommend acupuncture to all of my friends and family, especially those trying to get pregnant.”

– Kelly

“I had been seeking help for headaches and fatigue that I had suffered from for years, and I was able to get significant results in just a few treatments. In years of other forms of treatment I had seen little to no improvement.”

– Bill

“Emily is the best! She has done more for my chronic pain, stress, and reproductive health in a few treatments than my doctors have done in years. She is both professional and personable and very is very passionate about her work. She truly cares about the health of her patients, and treats the whole person, not just the condition or disease. I am so glad I was referred to her!”

– Sarah

“I have been seeing Emily for over 2 years  now.  I came to her at the recommendation of my doctor from Kaiser.  I was having back pain and Kaiser had run every test in the book and still couldn’t figure it out.  I had never been to an acupuncturist so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  After just a couple of months of treatment I started feeling wonderful again.  My back stopped hurting and I began to feel like myself again.  She has done an amazing job in helping me get my health in order.  She is kind and patient and very knowledgeable in her medicine.  I look forward to my treatment day as I know I will feel better than ever.  Not only has she helped me in so many ways, she has helped other family members as well.  She has helped  with a variety of health concerns such as  infertility (yes…. I now have a beautiful healthy granddaughter), nutrition, insomnia, chronic pain,  digestion, anxiety, and gluten intolerance to name a few.  I  have referred many friends to her and they are all amazed at her ability to improve the quality of life.  I highly recommend her to everyone!!!!!  :)”

– Donna

General Health

“This is by far the best acupuncturist ever. Smart helpful direct and really cares about your health. The office is right on del mar super clean I talk to Emily directly each time I call.
Biggest benefit is they Emily is also a CCN no other acupuncturist has both eastern and western in depth knowledge of health. The perfect combination of help for overall health. Please don’t wait like I did be proactive and get a treatment plan set up! Works miracles!!!”

– Derek

“I was recommended to Emily by a friend and I’ve been seeing her for the past few months and Ive been feeling great! I’m definitely a work in progress, but she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful guiding me to my best health. I struggle with migraines and she has helped me pinpoint some triggers from food sensitives to trying to control my stress levels. I’m very pleased with how things have been going and happy I was recommended here!”

– Makenzie

“When I came in to first see Emily over two years ago I had a cabinet full of prescription medications to treat everything from acid reflux, migraines to spouts of vertigo, I was not what I would call healthy. I had grown tired of seeing specialists who were quick to write me a prescription with no real answers on how to fix my health issues. After being treated by Emily with different supplements and acupuncture I can very confidently say she has changed my life.”

– Jessica

“Emily Valenzuela is amazing! She is super personable, easy to talk to, and listens to you in order to truly address your needs. She is thorough during your evaluation (the muscle testing is awesome), reasonably priced, and helps hold you accountable for your health. She has helped me tremendously over the past year with diet, nutrition, and pain due to exercise injuries. I look forward to my acupuncture sessions. I highly recommend her!”

– Hillary

“Emily is fantastic.  She helped my hubby and myself overcome our chronic problems. I had gone to so many doctors that followed the western way and just prescribed. Emily tries to get the cause and eliminate it. Her muscle testing procedure is mind blowing and just makes her practice and cure that more specific to your body…she is well rounded in nutrition and eastern medicine. I have referred so many people to her as my family are beyond happy with our results.”

– Aanya

Phone: (949) 310-4044

224 Avenida Del Mar, Suite C
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