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Acupuncture treats health conditions by stimulating “acu-points” found at specific locations on the surface of the body. Acupuncturists stimulate the acu-points by inserting very thin needles through the skin to produce physiological effects.

Acupuncturists use sterile, one time use, disposable needles.

Acupuncture is generally not painful. You will generally feel a heavy, dull sensation upon insertion. Most people find acupuncture relaxing and it in not unusual for patients to fall asleep during a treatment.

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health.

The analysis is done through testing the body's own neurological reflexes and certain acupuncture points.

Nutrition Response Testing analyzes the different points on the surface of the body that relate to each and every organ and function of the body.

By testing the Nutrition Response Testing reflexes, we identify exactly what the body needs and how to meet that need to restore balance and remove stressors that are interfering with the body's normal function.

In Nutrition Response Testing, we contact these reflex areas with our own hand. With the other hand, we will test the muscle of your extended arm. If the reflex being contacted is “active” the nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm, and the arm will weaken and drop. This drop signifies underlying stress or dysfunction, which can be affecting your health.

A complete Nutrition Response Testing analysis can be done on each subsequent visit. Often these reveal additional layers of dysfunction. These can then be addressed in the correct sequence for your body.

Each client gets a completely individualized program for your unique body.

Therefore, since every case is different, by following the correct sequence as revealed through Nutrition Response Testing, even the most complicated cases can be handled.

Commonly Treated Conditions:

  • allergies/asthma
  • anxiety/depression
  • arthritis/joint problems/tendinitis
  • back pain
  • bladder/kidney infections
  • childhood illnesses/infections
  • constipation/diarrhea
  • colds/cough/flu/bronchitis
  • fatigue
  • gynecological problems
  • headache/migraines
  • high blood pressure
  • immune system deficiency
  • infertility
  • knee pain
  • neck pain/stiffness
  • numbness/poor circulation
  • PMS
  • sciatica
  • sexual dysfunction/impotence
  • shoulder pain
  • skin problems/acne/dermatitis/psoriasis
  • stress/tension
  • TMJ/jaw pain
  • weight loss
  • and many more...

The Ionic Foot Bath combines the life-giving properties of water with a specialized bio-electric charge, which enhances and amplifies the body's ability to heal.

Dramatically increase energy levels and help detoxify your body with the ionic foot bath.The negative ions created during a session are similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources known to be beneficial to the body.

Some of the best results reported have been with: detoxification, pain reduction, reduced inflammation and recovery time, improved liver, kidney and colon function, as well as improved sleeping patterns.

Immediately after a session it is typical to feel relaxed and have heightened mental clarity. However, users report that it is the cumulative effect of the sessions which are the most dramatic, providing a greater long-term benefit.

"I've spent years trying physical therapy, advil, hot/cold packs, chiropractic, yoga....anything to alleviate the chronic and somewhat constant pain in my neck and shoulder due to arthritis and degenerating discs. Nothing, I mean nothing, has given me anything close to the immediate and continued relief I get from acupuncture. "

- Karen

Phone: (949) 310-4044

224 Avenida Del Mar, Suite C
San Clemente, CA 92672

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